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Welcome To The Inquisitors Red Dwarf site

My Name is Daryl Ball.  Having already been a Red Dwarf fan for a few years, I decided in 1994 I'd like to meet up with other Red Dwarf fans. So an ad was placed in The Official Red Dwarf Fanclub (BTL) and very soon I'd made contact with Stu Kearney and Sally Elkin.

The initial plan was to get a group of fans together about once a month for a local group meeting where we'd chat, watch videos, have quizzes (Where we eventually had great prizes, such as signed cast photos, calendars, badges, posters and books) and generally have a good time. We grandly named ourselves the N. Ireland Red Dwarf Association or N.I.R.D.A. for short.

After a few weeks as word of the group spread the meetings grew bigger and better. Meetings often had as many as 15 people. It was around this time that Stu , Sally and I decided a Red Dwarf newsletter might be fun. Originally the idea was to produce flyers with a few interesting bits of Red Dwarf news and trivia to be handed out free at meetings. By the time we finished working on it we had a 30 page fanzine full of news, reviews, art, stories, puzzles and more! And so, The Inquisitor was born.

 In total N.I.R.D.A. had over 200 members from all around the world(including all the cast as Honorary members). The Inquisitor was averaging sales of over 100 copies /issue. It was a level of success and popularity we'd never anticipated. Over almost 4 years we had a lot of pleasure and a lot of hard work in putting it all together. Sadly with so many good things though it came time for us to bring it to a close. There were several reasons, the main one being other commitments by the team members therefore not allowing us the same time to put into each issue. Then there was also increasing printing costs and finally a very slight decrease in sales figures.

In total there was 15 issues of The Inquisitor, finishing with an excellent bumper issue in January 1999. Rather than forget about N.I.R.D.A and The Inquisitor all together, we now have The Inquisitor Red Dwarf Site where you can check out our mix of past articles and current news.

This is a new and as yet incomplete site. Please check back as we will continue to add new pictures, reviews, news and much more. We would also greatly welcome your contributions so if you've anything you'd like to add please e-mail us. Thankyou for visiting...        Message Ends.                            


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Above: The Inquisitor Issue 1

Above: Cover of the first ever issue of The Inquisitor Red Dwarf fanzine signed by Rob Grant, Doug Naylor, Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John Jules, Norman Lovett, Hattie Hayridge and Chloe Annett.

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The Inquisitor team

Daryl Ball: Editor and Co-ordinator, Stu Kearney Sub Editor,

Sally Elkin: Club Secretary and Jack of all trades

Tracy Hocking: Art Editor, Grant/Naylor productions,

The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, all the cast and crew,

Thanks also to everyone who contributed to The Inquisitor and N.I.R.D.A.


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