Hattie Hayridge & Robert Llewellyn Interviews
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Hattie Hayride Interview

Interview conducted by Daryl Ball, Stuart Kearney and Sally Elkin in Belfasts Ulster Hall.

First printed in issues 2&3 of The Inquisitor.



What was it like being the only female member of the Red Dwarf cast?

Well it was fun(she laughs), I wasn't in series 6 though.....

What was it like? Finding out that Holly wouldn't be in series 6?

I wasn't too pleased, obviously. No, it was a bit of a shock really.

Recent rumours suggest Holly will re-appear in the next series, but no-one seems to know who will play the role.

Oh, yeah, I'm imagining that it will be a different Holly. I don't know.

Would you like to carry on the role as Holly?

Oh, yeah, I'd love to be in it. If i'm not doing it you'll know it was their decision.

Can you remember your most embarrasing moment whilst filming Red Dwarf?

Ahem, I remember one where I had to say a whole list of things. I think it must've been the one with Ace Rimmer, and I had to say this list of things that had happened to the ship ending with the fluffy dice, and I kept saying the wrong one each time, so I'd just remember the whole lot and just at the end say, Ahem, er......

We noticed that you didn't feature much on The Smeg Ups. Is that because you're normally good with your lines?

(laughs) Yeah!

Have you ever seen Red Dwarf U.S.A. and What did you think?

Yeah, I thought it was all right actually, after all the bad publicity it had..........

What's your favourite episode of Red Dwarf?

Well, I suppose for myself it would have been White Hole because thats what I had the most to do in. The one I like watching being filmed is Meltdown the Nazi look-a-likes and things, and when they were all running across that field, I was in hysterics because a lot of them were just used to opening supermarkets and things like that, you know, just cutting ribbons, and to have them running across this field, and these explosions which seemed so real and, you know, so close to them. I was just shrieking and thinking, God, this is really wicked, and they all looked Aaaaargh (She pulls a shocked face) they were all genuinely frightened, all these people running across the field....

We remember reading somewhere that there was a problem with Ghandi that day....?

Ghandi? Yeah. The guy that sent in the photo, yeah. He sent in a photo that must have been taken 20 years before and they needed him to do press ups and when he turned up on location he couldn't even get out of his car! We were try ing to help him out of the car! (laughs again) So they had to send out for another one!!

And which was the hardest episode for you to perform in?

I suppose it would have been White Hole, or well no actually, probably the Ace Rimmer one, What's it called?

Dimension Jump

Yeah, you see, i've got a low IQ. Yeah, Dimension Jump, because I get to move now and again whereas before it's just acting with my head......... I liked White Hole with my head coming out of the computer. I thought it was a nice idea....

Was there any talk of maybe having that as a permanent feature?

Yeah, I thought so. That's why I was surprised when that wasn't in the next series.....

Are you likely to be appearing on our T.V. screens in the near future?

There's that thing Celebrity Squares but I wouldn't anybody to sit up and wait for it!

You've been on that before..?

Yes, I have, strangely enough. They're quite fun to do actually, even though you know, it's not the best programme in the world.....It's quite funny in a way because you meet people you wouldn't normally meet. You think, Oh my gosh and sort of like point at them. The last time I did that show was with Leslie Grantham from Eastenders. That's the third time I've been on a quiz show with Leslie Grantham. Then, there's that thing, that scaffolding thing, it's like really dodgy! You're up on the top and you're hanging on for dear life. You've got your nails dug into the tables so you don't fall out the back! Yeah, it really feels like that, like dodgy scaffolding.

Is there anyone that you would really like to work with, and who do you admire?

Ahem, oh blimey, I dunno. It's a bit scary to meet them if you admire them too much. You think I don't want to meet them because it's , well, oh dear, I dunno....

Did you have any childhood idols?

I suppose I used to like the Marx Brothers. Groucho Marx. Without the singing bits, I used to hate the singing bits. I used to think, Oh God!

Can you sing yourself?

I've been having singing lessons!

Does that mean you're intending to record in the future?

Oh no. I just did that for a bit of fun really....

So what are your tastes in music. What do you enjoy listening to?

Oh,..I suppose old Eighties things now..(she laughs) reliving my lost youth! I think the Eighties is still my favourite Decade of music.

Besides the singing lessons, do you have other interests/hobbies?

Well, I like travelling which is quite nice, doing tours, but it's not really that sort of thing. I like things that are challenging. I had flying lessons for my birthday and that was terrific. And I had a racing driving lesson. I like to have one of everything. I had a parachute lesson. The parachyte lesson was the best actually, then the flying lesson and then the racing lesson wasn't that great.

So, you're not afraid of heights?

Well I am scared of heights. I wasn't scared at two thousand feet, but then as you come down you think, Oh, there's a house and you sort of think, that's how high you are.

You mentioned you like travel. Where do you most like to visit? And to perform?

I dunno where's the best place to perform... not anywhere really.

How did you find performing here tonight in Belfast?

I thought they were kinda summing me up at the beginning. Most people had kinda come along to see Lee (Evans) and it was kind of, Alright then, make us laugh! I felt that they all warmed at the end, but I didn't feel that at the beginning...Perhaps I should have said it's the first time I've been here. I was surprised because they were all really nice at the end, but as you go along you're thinking,Oh, do they like this or not?

Do you write all your own material?


Where do your ideas come from. Do you draw from real life experience?

Some stuff comes from things that really annoy me, you know, just at the time ranting and raving and then making it into a silly little comment afterwards. I used to do a lot of stuff about my childhood but I don't do that anymore.

Is there anything you wouldn't make a joke about?

I suppose there are, but I think if a good joke can be done about something, I think if it's done the right way, a joke can be done about most things. I like it if people have got something different to say about something and I think that if you're honest in what you're saying you can joke about it. If it's just a glib comment, then the point isn't worth making. If you're trying to make a point about something you believe in then I don't think you can make a joke.......

Is Hattie Hayridge your real name?

Yeah - Sort of!

Holly allegedly has an IQ OF 6000. What's your IQ ?

About half that. I've never had mine done. I can never understand those IQ tests.......

And finally, How would you justify your existence to The Inquisitor?

What, Holly or Me?

Well, both....

Well, Holly's would have to be, the whole thing goes to pot without Holly. (She laughs, then adds)Which isn't really true but there you go. As for myself........  Because, I'm enviromentally friendly! Except i'm not!!



Robert Llewellyn Interview (Taken from The Inquisitor issue 12)

It's the 10th Anniv. of Red Dwarf. What's your fondest memory or favourite aspect of working on the show?

Favourite aspect has to be my good friends, not only cast but crew. Getting paid helps, but I know I am being honest when I say I don't do It for the money. It's a great privilege for an actor to have work over such a long period, but making good friends, particularly with Mr Charles has been a great benefit.

The cast all seem to genuinely like each other. When your filming a series is it all just good fun or what are the difficulties and things you dislike?

 It is good fun, we have bad days, there was black Friday last series when I was sitting in my mask doing nothing for what seemed like hours, but on the whole it's brilliant. We have such a laugh during rehearsals, we all know each other so well. Lots of in jokes and cruel barbed put downs. Marvellous.

In your opinion what is the appeal of Red Dwarf and why is it the success that it is?

Someone once said if you love Star Trek you'll love Red Dwarf. I think it has an appeal outside a traditional Sci-Fi audience because it's... well it's funny.

How did the cast regulars adjust to having new crew  member (Chloe) aboard for series 7 ?

 Really quickly because she's funny and rather charming. Also we're such a bunch of wishy washy liberal push overs, we like everyone.

 Do you share any of Krytens characteristics?

Yes, Too many.

Are you currently working on any non -Red Dwarf projects?

Yes, writing 2 novels. The first comes out in September and it's called The Man On Platform 5. It's a comedy romance about a computer nerd, autograph hunting Sci-Fi fan who gets chosen by two media savvy women as the guinea pig in their experiment, to turn him from anorak to man in 7 weeks. I am still working on my second book so I don't want to talk about it.

 Is there anything you've ever done in your career that you look back on now and think I wish I hadn't done that...?

Um to be honest no. The things that didn't work taught me a lot so I had to do them to learn. I kind of wish I knew what I wanted to do when I was 16, as opposed to 22. It would have saved a bit of time.

Do you prefer writing or acting?

Um, I prefer writing, but I love acting as it's such a relief.

In Thin He Was..  you give a very open and personnal account of a year in your teenage life. How difficult was that to write?

It was difficult to find the style to write in, but once I started it just wrote itself. It is all true, unfortunately, I didn't make anything up.

Have you any big ambitions you'd still like to fulfill?

Yes, I'd like to write a best selling book, and a screenplay for a fantastically successful film, and do something, one thing, which made the world a better place to live in.

What T.V. shows do you currently like or dislike?

I liked This Life, Third Rock From The Sun, Larry Sanders, The Fast Show... um, can't think of any others. I don't like the vast majority of t.v. output and don't watch it...Is that bad?

Are there any T.V. or film roles that you've seen that you'd particularly like to play?

Yeah, I'd love to be a real baddie in a Die Hard type movie. Shave my head and hobble or something. I loved Jeremy Irons in DieHard 3.

Do you believe Aliens exist?

Yes, they must do, logically they must, but they might be a bit far away for a weekend jaunt.

What do you think the future holds for Red Dwarf and what would you like to see happen?

Definately one more series, then hopefully a string of really well made, really funny and innovative movies.

Do you enjoy attending Conventions and what do you think of the fans?

I do enjoy them, I think the fans are fab. We always have a great time and are so well looked after, i'm always embarrassed and offer to do the vacuming.

If Robert Llewellyn was faced with The Inquisitor how would he justify his existence?

Um, Well, I did help a blind man across the road rather a lot, but then I shared a flat with him. I sometimes remember my muns birthday. Um , I've tried to break down the walls of misunderstanding between the genders but I sort of made it all worse I think. Actually, on reflection, press the button on the gauntlet, I'm a bit of a waste of space......


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Robert & Daryl after 10th Anniversary recording