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Three millions years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf. Its crew: Dave Lister, the last human being alive;

Arnold Rimmer, a hologram of his dead bunkmate; and a creature who evolved from the ship's cat...



The Official Site

The Official Robert Llewellyn Site

Roberts very own homepage covering all areas of his multi talented career


A great new site from Chris Barrie


Craig Charles site is currently undergoing a major revamp and will be back online soon


The original Holly. You'll just Lovett...


The Red Dwarf Zone

A very cool information packed fan site.

The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club

The site of the official fanclub with some areas exclusive to BTL members.

Official Red Dwarf Shop UK

Want a Red Dwarf T-Shirt, Book, Video, Poster??  Then here's the place...

Ganymede & Titan

Another highly recommended fan site


The International Movie Database

An informative who's who of just about everyone who has ever graced our screens. A great site.

My favourite online DVD&Video store

The Inquisitor Message Board

Post your messages here, stories, views, opinions, reviews, chat etc. Join our online community, have fun, make new friends...

Don't Forget to visit our Message Board!