Photo Page 2
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Pics of me with the cast :-)


Chloe Annett

Like this pic a lot. Can't think why!? ;-)

Danny John Jules

The King of Cool and erm Danny! ;-)

Craig Charles

Nice Hat!!

Chris Barrie

I've met Chris several times now. First time was at a Brittas Empire recording and I got my Red Dwarf omnibus signed

Norman Lovett

Norman tries to hide his disappointment at losing the bet on who can grow their hair the longest.

Doug Naylor

Oi Doug! Any chance of a movie then!?!

Hattie & Holly

I've probably met Hattie more than any other cast member and always find her to be so friendly, helpful and funny. Her she is with her namesake, my daughter Holly. Taken in Liverpool.

More Pics coming soon...