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Red Dwarf - The Movie

Until the much talked about and eagerly waited Red Dwarf movie actually starts filming or better still hits our screens, here is a mix of fact, fiction, rumour and gossip regarding the movies fate...


The Following is snippet on the current state of the Red Dwarf movie as detailed in a letter by Doug Naylor and read out at this years Dimension Jump convention.

... American funders are flying into the UK today to continue discussions we began at the Cannes Film Festival to fund the Red Dwarf movie. I fully expect that in a matter of a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, Red Dwarf the Movie finally will be green lit, and by early August I expect to be deep into pre-production in Australia...

...Only last month I found myself negotiating with the Australian government to work out the qualifying Australian expenditure on the budget's tax offset to help raise ten percent of the budget and then a week later explaining the deal to a group of bankers. That isn't a typo.

But now we're closer than we've ever been, ever. We really, really are.Red Dwarf - The Movie may be shot in Australia. Preliminary design work is currently underway. Pre-production proper will begin in mid-July, and shooting is slated for January 2005.

The complete version of this letter can be viewed on the Official Red Dwarf Site at http://www.reddwarf.co.uk



Monday 26th April 2004:Red Dwarf: The Movie Update:
Just received word that Red Dwarf creators Doug Naylor and Rob Grant will have cameo appearances in the movie. Also signed up for small roles are former Kryten Actor David Ross and former Holly Actress Hattie Hayridge."

hmmm, not sure how reliable this source is. Lets just hope we hear something definite soon!!


It has been recently reported on the internet that at a recent stand up show Norman Lovett is reported as saying he doesn't think the long awaited Red Dwarf movie will ever get made!


Robert Llewellyns site continues to report that there is still no news on the much talked about Red Dwarf movie.


Crewing up has not yet begun. When Red Dwarf Films is ready to accept CV submissions and other enquiries, contact details for all departments will be posted at the official site at reddwarf.co.uk

Other Red Dwarf related News

Brittas Empire

The latest DVD release of The Brittas Empire, Series 4, is due out Mon 19th July.

Red Dwarf Repeats

Series 7 & 8 are currently showing on Wednesday nights on BBC2

Starbug Model

Great news for those who have long wanted to get their hands on a Starbug of their very own. Product Enterprise's playset is approaching full production. The Starbug playset should hopefully be available October 2004. Also watch out for future Red Dwarf and Starbug models from Corgi.

The Prop Store

The Propstore.co.uk have added more Red Dwarf items to their collection. It's probably worth speaking to your bank manager before taking a look!!

Chris Barrie

Chris will be appearing at Memorabilia at the NEC Birmingham, Sat 14th August and also this October he can be seen at the 11th Annual Cult TV Festival in Weston-Super-Mare.

Norman Lovett 

Norman will be joined by daughters Lily and Kitty at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August to perform their show WE LOVETT at The Stand Comedy Club 7-30 August (not 16th) Venue 5 at 2.30pm.

Rob Grant

Amazon.co.uk has now said that Rob Grant's new novel Fat has been pushed back from May 1st, 2005 to a publication date of May 19th, 2005.



Additional content coming soon!!